Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You Are Always on My Mind

I decided a couple of weeks ago that on the anniversary of the eve of my mother's death to go to Remington's and watch hot men dance around and take their clothes off. 

Mom would have understood. She would have laughed and said, "That's my Annie!" And, she probably would have made the same joke she always made when I talked about going to see male strippers:  "Bottoms up!"

I love you, Mom!  How could I not?  You were the funniest, kindest, most open-minded person I ever knew.  I'm so glad you were my mom.

And yet, I'm sure you'll understand that the last day and night I spent with you were probably one of the hardest in my life. Scenes from that time keep replaying in my head, and frankly I'd rather watch hot men dance tonight.

I love you Mom. You are always on my mind, and in my heart. I'll toast you tomorrow with wine and play your favorite song. Maybe I'll even watch "The Third Man" if it's on YouTube.

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