Sunday, August 3, 2014

Buy in Bulk Part II

As I said yesterday, it was an exceptionally good market day.  It feels gratifying when people show me how much they like my work by admiring it or buying a ton of it.

However, profit wasn't the only good thing about yesterday.  I loved chatting with my customers and with Maddie's dad Barry Bostwick.

It was also good to see my friend Helen Henderson.  I hadn't seen her in ages!

I'll always have a soft spot for Helen because she interviewed me for an article about people with disabilities who have suffered (and some still continue to suffer!) abuse from their personal support workers. This article was instrumental in getting Direct Funding for myself so that I could choose and hire people I could trust never to hurt me.

Helen told me that she had been taking the Disability Studies course at Ryerson University. She said that in one class they talked about DAMN (Disability Action Movement Now) and how the organization evoked positive change.  My name was mentioned several times, Helen said, and that made me smile ... and feel regretful.

DAMN should make a comeback, I thought.  Or, something else - even better! - should replace it!

 Hmmm ....

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