Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter at the Market

Although I only made $40.00 at the market, I still had a pretty good day.

First, before I left, I put on my usual bunny socks for Easter.   They made me feel happy and silly.

I had bunny and flower cards and merchandise displayed beautifully; and I wore the pretty, fresh colours of Spring.  Like I said in the beginning, despite all my charm and efforts, I only made $40.00 - but there's always next week!

And, my favourite customer dropped by to give me some chocolates too.  He's such a sweet man!

After the market, Brittainy and I went to Hot House for dinner.  I had a Caesar salad, a Maple Manhatten, and a steak dinner.

Everything was perfectly delicious!

Just one thing about dinner disappointed me, and that was the dessert.

I ordered a piece of carrot cake. I was expecting a huge piece, like they always give me, so I could share with Brittainy.  What I got instead was a carrot cupcake!  I ate it in three bites!  It was good, sure, but if you're advertising cake give me cake not cupcake!


Still, all in all, it was a pretty good day ....

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