Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Different Types of Ridiculousness

Today, after writing emails to find out what to do next for the Inheritence Quest, I checked my mail and found a Starbucks' gold card. Immediately, I laughed uproarously!  It was so hillarious to me that the note that comes with it said, "May you bask in the glory of your new Starbucks gold rewards card!"

Bask in the glory?  Who were they trying to kid?  They sold a variety of different types of coffee drinks, teas, and snacks - not trips to Jamaica!

Still, that kind of ridiculousness makes me shake my head and chuckle.  What chutspa they have to come up with an ad for themselves.

However, there are ridiculous things that don't make me laugh, and a lot of them don't make sense to me at all.  For example,in Brittain the govenment has not only cut the benefits for poor and disabled people, but they've made it a law that it is illegal to challenge them.  That's terrible!

And in Canada our government is trying to frack in areas that belong to First Nations.  This is illegal and immoral, and also terrible for the environment!

I admit it, I laughe at Rob Ford, but the fact is that  he being our mayor is absolutely ridiculous. He's a liar and a hypocrite and a homophobe. How is he still our mayor and representing us?

Well, I'm going to take a break and eat Simone's yummy banana chocolate cake.   I'm going to relax and watch The Good Wife and try to forget my own ridiculous situation of not being able to get my hands on my inheritance.  Eighteen months of going through mazes and jumping through hoops - now that's ridiculous!

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