Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What a Day!

I almost didn't get to post today's entry because of technical difficulties. I was minding my own business, eating dinner and watching Coronation Street, when my computer told me that my antivirus program had expired, and I was "unprotected"- yikes! Right away, I tried to renew it, but it wouldn't allow me to do it. So then it told me I needed to change my password, which I did, however it still wouldn't work! So I used Geek Buddy to help me with this situation. (I love Geek Buddy! I wish I had a real Geek Buddy who followed me around and helped me with my life's problems, like the inheritance game, which is still driving me crazy!) Finally, I'm "secure."

I went to counselling today, and talked about the frustrations I've been having with the inheritance. Inevitably, it opened up the subject of why I am such a perfectionist and guilt-ridden over practically everything. I blame my Mom for being the same way. Of course this makes me feel even more guilty, because I love my Mom and don't want to blame her for anything.

I'm tired, so I maybe want to tell one more story, then chill and watch a show and go to bed.

After counselling, Simone went and got me a peppermint mocha frappuccino. Because I was emotionally raw, I decided I needed another one before dinner. So Maddie and I went over to the nearest Starbucks, and I saw a neighbour of mine - I don't know his name and that's terrible, sure, but I like him. We always smile at each other and say, "we have to stop meeting like this." We did the same schtick today, but this time he was with another guy who was very well-dressed and seemed pretty well-off. My neighbour introduced us, and I was very impressed at how at ease he was communicating with me. I caught him glancing at my advertisement for my business and artwork on my communication board. He complimented me on my art, and in my head I complimented him on his very good taste in artwork. He took one of my Dandy Membership forms and seemed genuinely excited about it.

I was excited about his enthusiasm - I know nothing might come of it, but you never know, maybe he'll become my patron! I can only hope...

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