Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Better Day

Today was a much better day than yesterday!

I mean, I got kind of annoyed and frustrated like yesterday because my financial advisor suggested I try using the Bell Relay Service to communicate with the people at the CRA unfortunately the people at the Bell Relay Service had the same ableist attitude as the CRA.

(By the way I wrote an email of complaint today to the CRA, and I plan to write one to the Bell Relay Service tomorrow.)

After I spent 45 minutes arguing with the Bell Relay Service, I mentally shrugged and decided to simply go to the bank. It was the best decision I`ve made in days! The guy was so nice and helpful, and there was no abelist in him at all. He found out that I had indeed closed the first RDSP back in October 2012. Plus he helped me to pay my Mom`s 2012 taxes electronically.

I feel both happy and relieved that I got both things done and out of the way. See how much better things go when people treat you with respect!

Down with narrow minded ableist jerks! Up with enlightened minded people who actually care about doing their best for you!

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