Sunday, April 6, 2014

As I Was Saying ...

As I was saying before I suddenly got hot; shaky; and nauseous, I feel so happy that Nick and Kelly brought the cabinet from Mom's place that I've been wanting for so long!  I chose the perfect place for it and found special momentos to go inside and on top of it.

As usual when I get a new piece of furniture, I had to rearrange practically my whole apartment.  I also bought a new tablecloth, which matches my kitchen pefectly, and a huge multi-picture frame to go into my bedroom.

On the whole, I like how my place looks now and I feel happy with all of the changes.  (There's so much room here now!)  And yet, I also feel sad.  I'd rather have Mom back than to have all the furniture (or anything else)  in the world!  It also feels kind of surreal to live in a whole different environment, even if I did orchestrate all of the changes.  I know these negative feelings will melt away and that a sense of happiness and comfort will simply remain.

Next week, it's back to the market.  I really missed going on Saturday!  Even if it is slow occasionally, I love to chat with people and see the surprise on their faces when I tell them that I paint with my index finger.

One of the other vendors told me that one of the managers of the market had  had "a fit" because of the fact that I hadn't been there that day.   Hearing this, I feel both anger and apprehension.  Apprehension because the management might try to say I shouldn't be at the market any more.   (The consensus among the vendors is that they believe management wants to slowly weed out all of them and put in bigger stores with brand names. Bastards!)  And anger, because for twelve years now I've been going there like clockwork - through snow, sleet, hail, and freezing rain!  So I took one day off! Are they my parents, or a principal telliing me I'm getting a detention for missing a day of class? Don't they understand that we vendors don't sell our wares just for fun?  We need to earn a living! And if we need to take a day off, to do something important or because we're ill, we shouldn't be met with scowls and reprimands.

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