Friday, September 27, 2013


I went to the dentist today.  God, I hate going so much!  Not only is it stressful and uncomfortable/painful, it can also be frustrating and humiliating depending on which person I get.

Today's visit was not great.  Both the dental hygienist and dentist either spoke loudly and condescendingly to me or talked about me to Kelly.  Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!  And this dental clinic is supposed to be for people with disabilities.  You'd think they'd know better!

Another upsetting thing was that I was diagnosed with Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), a condition that makes a person's jaw muscles get stiff and painfiul.  They listed off a bunch of symptoms - some I had, but a lot I didn't!  And, then they tried to scare me by saying that this condition deteriorated very quickly until the patient's jaw would clamp shut and be unable to open.

I argued with them that I've had this same problem for 30 years!  My jaw moves to the left and then locks in place until I will it to open again. (This happens about ten times a week.)  It's painful while it's happening, but then it subsides to a dull ache in my jaw.  Sometimes I can even stop my jaw from moving by putting my hand to the side of my face.

I guess what really bugs me is that I've been trying to get dentists to listen to me for years about this problem, and now that they're trying to scare me, change my lifestyle, and put me on more drugs! All I want is a solution for my jaw going left.

Oh well, I have an appiontment with the oral surgon in October. Maybe he will have some good ideas!

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