Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music, Painting, The IT Crowd, and Toasting

I've listened to Patio Lanterns, watched several episodes of The IT Crowd, talked to my grief counselor about my life with Rob, and I'm determined to finish my painting tonight!

Right now, I'm going to have dinner and toast to the memory of Robert Shane Warenda.

I splurged wildly and bought a bottle of Drambuie.  I've never actually had it, but Drambuie always reminds me of Rob because of the dirty joke he once told me.

This is the joke:  These three women are sitting around talking and laughing about their boyfriends.  The first woman says,"I call my boyfriend Long John."  The second woman says, "I call my boyfriend Thick Dick." The thirds woman kind of smiles and says, " I call my boyfriend Drambuie". The other two women look at each other and say,"Drambuie? Ain't that some kind of fancy liquor?"

I love you Rob.

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