Thursday, September 12, 2013

Asphalt Watches

I had a pretty good day.  I got a lot of work done this afternooon.  You know, emails; employees' scheduling; and, catching up with my finances.

And then I went to Milestones to meet Natasha for dinner. I like Milestones, they are pretty cool there. I arrived before Natasha and I got seated and made them understand I wanted a Corona. I'm always impressed when people who aren't used to reading my communication board catch on immediately. Another thing that made me happy was when Natasha came in she asked the hostess if she had seen me and the hostess said "Oh you mean the very artistic woman?" That made me happy because I hate when people think right away of my wheelchair and not of me, the person. Also a waiter came to me and said he loved my raven tattoo and we ended up comparing tattoos. That was pretty funny! I had to laugh when he said he actually cried when he had one of his tattoos done and I told him I actually frequently fall asleep when Sarah works on my hummingbird stick n' poke.

Yuula joined us as we were finishing dinner and the three of us went to see a TIFF film at Scotiabank theatre. It was called Asphalt Watches, Amy's partner Seth co-directed it. It was very good! And funny! Here's a trailer for it. Good night!

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