Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Million Vacations

I'm listening to a YouTube playlist I made called Songs That Remind Me of Rob.  The first song that came on was A Million Vacations by Max Webster.  It reminded me that I'm missing out on going to Baltimore for the Zappa Festivaal (not that it's happening this year) to honour Rob. I just couldnt get my act together because I was too sad about Mom's death to organize something huge like that. But next year I'm definitely going!

Rob loved music so much. Listening to his favourite music is my way of honouring his memory. From today until the 19th I will listen to the music and watch his favourite shows and and eat his favorite foods. Rob, if you're around, I hope you can hear and see and taste all that I'm experiencing.

Thank you Sweety For turning me on to Frank Zappa, Max Webster, ACDC, and Kim Mitchell. Thank you for turning me on to wrestling, drinking beer, and learning how computers/technology work.

And thank you for turning me on.

I miss you Rob. There will never been anyone like you. Yes, yes, I know you are saying, "Thaank god!"

Smart ass. 

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