Friday, November 20, 2015


I'm tired.  Last night my mind just wouldn't allow me to go to sleep.  It picked and nagged at me, making me stay up until 3am writing emails.  And, at 7am, my mind woke me up (and kept me awake), insisting that I keep on working.

The nagging isn't the worst part, though.  It's the berating, over and over, about my imperfections.  And the worrying - oh my god, the worrying!  The state of the world; getting Hershey's teeth cleaned; getting my teeth cleaned; the small, flat mole on my thigh seeming to grow slightly.

Was I having a heart attack or a panic attack?

Was I dying?  Did I care?

Mind, stop TORTURING ME!  I need to sleep tonight, so please SHUT UP!

 Shhhhhhhhhh ....

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