Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Nice Funny Dream

So, I woke up from a nice funny dream this morning. I was a child on holiday with my family.  I suddenly saw through a window an advertisement for a movie about Lawrence of Arabia.  For some reason, I  had to see this  movie, so I talked my family into seeing it with me.  Two days later, (according to my dream this was how long it lasted) I could my big brother Bruce say, "Boy, that movie was long!"

And then, suddenly, I was an adult and Rob was pushing me around in my manual wheelchair.  We came across an exhibit of Johnny Depp's memorabilia. Without a word, Rob took one of Johnny Depp's hats and put it on his own head.  I tried to protest by saying, "Hey, put that back!"  Rob just shrugged and ignored me.

Rob and I carried our little jaunt in silence.  A few moments later, who appeared out of nowhere but Johnny Depp demanding his hat back!  Rob simply grinned and told Johnny that he liked the Kim Mitchell hat that he was wearing.  So, the two men traded hats, and they both seemed pleased with themselves ....

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