Thursday, September 17, 2015

Haunted by The Love of My Life

All day yesterday and today, I've had Find Her Finer by Frank Zappa in my head.  I'm an aetheist, so I don't really believe in ghosts or spirits ....  And yet, I rather fancied that Rob put this particular song in my head to remind me of how he'd sneak up behind her (me), wrap like a mummy 'til you (Rob would) finally unwind her (me)!  I'd always squeal in delight/surprise whenver Rob did this, and then I'd start to laugh and we'd begin to kiss.

What a wonderful menory!

And then, yesterday, I was on YouTube, trying to aim my cursor on my playlist Anne Rocks Out, but it kept drifting over onto  Songs That Remind Me of Rob.  I was determined to listen to my own music, so I clicked on Anne Rocks Out.  I clicked on the shuffle button, and guess what songs came up ...

Muffin Man by Frank Zappa
Go For a Soda by Kim Mitchell
All We Are by Kim Mitchell
Find Her Finer
Love of My Life by Frank Zappa

Whether or not you were trying to send me messages in music, Rob, you'll always be the Love of My Life ....

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