Saturday, September 5, 2015

Feeling Good and Bad

I'm a bit drunk as I compose this post.  Brittainy and I split a bottle of wine for dinner.  Cafe California is having this great deal until October where you get a 3-course meal - including a bottle of wine - for $69.00!  I just couldn't resist! Mainly I got hooked by the price, not because it's a fantastic deal, which it is, but because of the actual number - 69!  My friend Aaron would have loved this fact.  I can hear his wonderful dirty laugh: Heh heh heh.

That was the good part of the day.

My time at the market was ... well, weird.  Except for food vendors and me, of course, it  was like a ghost town.  So many of my fellow vendors (and friends!) had gone; they'd been evicted by the management of the market. The management's reasoning had been vague and unsatisfactory: vendors who sold crafts and novelty items had to leave (and in most cases, lose their main source of income) so that farmers (who had to vacate the north building back in the spring) could move in.

I realize that I've relayed this story more than once. I'm just so frustrated and angry with the situation, though!  Couldn't the market have planned things better so that nobody had to lose their livelihoods?


I think I need another glass of wine ....

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