Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dealing With the Best and Worst in Human Nature

To try to stay looking young and beautiful, I apply shea butter moisturizer (with Aloe) to my face twice a day.

I used to buy this cream from a man named Maiga who, like me, was a vendor at the St. Lawrence Market.  Maiga had always been kind and generous to me.  He purchased three of my paintings, and he never let me pay him for the cream.

Because Maiga got evicted from the market and I've run out of the cream, I had to look his business online and order a jar.  That was yesterday, and today I received a call from Maiga saying that he'd gotten my order and wouldn't let me pay again.  Indeed, he was going to send me four free jars of the cream!

Maiga is such a great guy!

Other people, though -

(To be continued ....)

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