Monday, August 3, 2015

Twenty Years Ago Today

I moved into this apartment twenty years ago today. The place was a mess - boxes and furnitture were all over the place!  It was our home, though.  It was a brand new beginning for Rob, Dandylion and me.

Rob and I thought the area was so colourful and interesting.  I can still hear scalpers in front of Maple Leaf Gardens yelling, "Tickets here, get your tickets here!"  There also used to be a little old man sitting on the corner of Carlton and Yonge hawking The Toronto Sun every day.

Everything was nearby too: grocery stores, movie theatres, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, and malls.  And, because everything was so convenient, I went out a lot by myself.  Whenever Mom came down for a visit, she would often remark that she felt like she was out with a celeebrity because people would stop and say hello to me.

Rob didn't like to leave the apartment.  However, even he became a minor celebrity in his own right. We went to the Open Mike With Mike Bullard tapings so often that Mike and all of the writers became friends of ours.  In fact, when they had heard that Rob was in the hospital with Pancreatitis, they very kindly sent flowers to him.

Good things, bad things,  and in-between things happened here.  I have so many memories within my skull.  Some make me smile, some make me cringe.

Will I ever move from this spot?  I don't know.  Time and circumstances will tell, I suppose ....

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