Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Fun Sunday Afternoon

I love days like this when the weather is perfect and I see friends who are cool,  great,  fantastic,  and brilliant!   It's doubly enjoyable when we all partake in the consumption of delicious food and talk about everything, from soup to nuts.

First, at 3:00, Chloe  and I went to meet Laura and AJ at Menchies for frozen yogurt sundaes. As a pre-birthday gift, Laura treated. She knew that I would love the whole Menschie's experience -  and I did!

It was great to see Laura and AJ and to catch up on all of their news. They are in the midst of writing a murder mystery to act out with friends. Also, they're developing a new type of board game. (I have such creative friends!)

And then, for dinner, Roger, Alana and I ate on the Hair of the Dog's patio.  Roger had the macaroni and cheese, Alana had the pouttine, and I had the quesadillas.    Everything was so delicious!!!!

We talked about many things:  politics,  history,  physics, the differences/similarities between England and Canadaa, TV shows, and whether or not wíshes actually had any magical powers to them.

I confided in them that it was my secret wish to somehow accumulate enough money to eventually buy the Hair of the Dog.  I'd renovate it so it could be an accessible hone for me, a well as a gallery where I could show my art and other artists' too.  Not only that, but I would rent out rooms and give art lessons.

Oh mighty gods of wishes, please make it so!

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