Friday, April 19, 2013

My Week in Pictures

The Boys and Me

Bruce and Me at Taco Bell, After Signing TD Papers

Training New People the Art of Bed Making

Scrabble Add


Today was the 43rd month anniversary of when I lost my beloved Rob. I miss him so damned much!

On Wednesday, I met Bruce at Mom's TD branch in Scarborough to sign some papers to move the inheritance process along.  (Talk about a mind fuck! Happiness, sadness, and guilt are all tangled together inside of me - and I'm trying my best to unravel and understand it all!)

Yesterday I trained a new person named Lucy.  She seemed very nice and competent, and I think we'll get along famously.

It's been a crazy, hectic, and extremely emotional week for me.  To deal with everything, I've reveled in my adoration of my two adorable cats; played my favoutite music repeatedly, and I played on-line Scrabble with friends.

And today, on a whim, I went to Top Cuts and got them to shave a strip of hair from the right side of my head.  It looks and feels fantastic!  Very fashionable too!

Perhaps the road to understanding what's going inside of me is to re-make myself and try new and different things ....

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