Friday, April 12, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

Cats Pondering Events of the Outside World

I can see clearly now, now that the rain has gone .....

That's the song that's been playing in my head for days now.  Terribly ironic, really, considering that it's been pissing rain for the same amount of time.

Rain makes me pensive, it makes me dwell on the most obscure of questions.  How and why are the most repeated words within my skull, followed by more specific questions.  Are there really such things as reincarnation and afterlife?  Is King Henry VIII still floating around somewhere in another dimension?  Could 1,000,000 planets the size of earth really fit into the sun,, like I heard on QI last night?  Are we all alone in the universe?  Is that all there is? What do I believe?  Does any of it even matter?

And the biggest question of all: Why are people so nuts these days?

Well then I looked at my cat Rascal curled up on my bed this morning, looking as pleased as punch with himself, and suddenly my world shrank down to his level. Rascal rarely ever gets a chance to lie on my bed because it's Hershey's territory. In their world, it's all about vying for attention and getting fed and finding the best spot to sleep. Sure there's conflicts and battles but its a far more simple life than ours.

Because I was in a funk and because it's the boys birthday on Sunday, I decided to focus on them and buy them presents.  I bought them a new scratching mat, a bag of "Urinary Health Treats", and a catnip toy that specifically said it was very crinkly.

Yes, I know a lot of people will think I'm weird, but I'm having a small party for my cats on Sunday. I'll make tuna sandwiches and order pizza with anchovies. There will be beer for people and catnip for cats!

Sometimes shrinking the world down to cat-size is the best way to deal with life.

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