Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Days in England

1. Having "Camp Gaydar" in our front yard.
2. Eating my toast with Utterly Butterly on it.
3. Hearing people voice their opinions passionately at Speakers' Corner at High Park.
4. Absorbing the culture, beauty and history of the country by going on the boat tour of the
Thames; visiting Hampton Court and the Tower of London; seeing the Royal Pavillion in
5. Going to Cambridge Pub and having ale and fish & chips. My dad may or may not have liked
ale (I'm not sure), but he ate fish & chips every Saturday for 48 years while he was married to
my mom. Eating fish & chips with vinegar and salt & pepper like he used to do made me happily
6. Sitting in the park with people on old-fashioned wooden lawn chairs.
7. Laughing with Sarah & Rob, Catherine & Leon, about the most ridiculous things.
8. The fact that all of the galleries and museums are free, relying only on donations to keep them
running. And that there are so many bookstores in the neighbourhood. Such a country that
focusses upon knowledge and culture can't be all bad.
9. Aero mint Bubbles.
10. "Mind the Gap" knickers.

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