Thursday, January 14, 2016

Overload of Thoughts and Emotions Part II

As I said yesterday, three things had upset me when I got home from counseling.

Let me tell you what they were:

  1. I had heard that Canadian rock star Kim Mitchell suffered a major heart attack. He appears to be able to survive, but in that single moment upon learning of this news I felt great sadness.  Rob and I used to love to listen to the music of Kim Mitchell and groove out at his concerts.
  2. I received a letter that stated that the mother of a friend of mine had passed away.  She was 91 when she died and had led a pretty good life.  It was my friend I was/am more concerned about. Like me, he has Cerebral Palsy.  In addition to this, he also has an intellectual disability and lives in a group home in Markham.  Also like me, my friend was very close to his mother and relied upon the many types of support that she gave him.
  3. On Facebook I learned that another friend of mine was getting a divorce from her husband of only a year.  I won't get into many details, but my friend has said that her husband became aggressive towards her.  Because my friend has a disability (Muscular Dystrophy), she never told anybody about what was happening between them.  She didn't want to be "any trouble" to anyone - meaning that she knew that if her husband left her it would follow that her family and friends would have to jump in and help her with her daily needs.
More about this later ....

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