Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let Me Help You Remind You of Your 2016 New Years Resolutions ...or Your 2016 Revolutions Part II

Today I reminisced about the madcap mishaps of my life.

I laughed as I told Sarah about the time Mom and I were staying at Stanton House Lodge one summer.  I was in my manual wheelchair and Mom left me at the top of a hill.  She had thought that she'd put on the brakes of my wheelchair, but as she started to walk away it started to roll downhill - straight for the lake!  As I sped downwards, out of control, I considered acting like a stunt person and jumping out of my wheelchair onto the grass. Mom, who told me later that she had never run so fast in her life, caught up with me in the nick of time before I hit the water!

There are many stories like that: Once I was on the GO train and it was my very first time, so when this guy who looked like he worked for the train pointed at an open door and told me to go through it I did.  Unfortunately there was no ramp, not even stairs!  I was very lucky because before I could leave (the front wheels were touching the outside of the train) a group of people grabbed me and pulled me back inside the train. Embarrassed, I thanked everyone and left through the correct door.

As I was telling these stories to Sarah it occurred to me that this is what I need to do in 2016. No I don't want to have any kind of accidents, but maybe I need to do more daring and exciting things like bungee jumping or skydiving.

I've mentioned this before but since Rob and Mom died it feels like I've lost part of myself maybe if I do something crazy it'll snap me out of it.

Or maybe I'll start a revolution and take down capitalism. It's an either/or situation after all, I'm very busy!

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