Sunday, December 27, 2015


My internet is finally working again!  Yay!  I suppose that all of the people on their seasonal holidays have found other diversions to amuse themselves rather than surfing the web.

 Now, unfortunately, I have a different type of problem with which to concern myself.  The person who was supposed to come for the night shift never showed up!  I really hate it whenever this happens!!!  (Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often.)  I feel anxious, upset, and very vulnerable. I also feel extremely sad, because it makes me miss Rob more than ever!   He was my husband, best friend, lover, clown  ...  and my safety net.

Everything has worked out, thank goodness!  I texted Marjie about my predicament, and she came as soon as I she could. Thanks, Marjie!

Now, however, I need to do my duty as the boss and talk to the worker who didn't show up tonight.

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