Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Un--Counselling Day

Last week, because I had been ill with a cold, I couldn't keep my appointment with my counsellor, but I called her, got her machine, and left a message askiing if I could see her today.

Unfortunately, when I called today to confirm the appointment, my counsellor told me that she had never received my message and that she was sorry but there was no time for a session with me this afternoon.

Bloody hell.  I was all geared up to get stuff off of my chest!  Now, I feel as if I'm a volcano with burning lava churning inside of me, but there's no real outlet for it.  My hole is blocked up.

It's all too tangled and messed up to convey completely here.  I'll just say this: both good and not so good things happened to me last week.  I felt both excited and elated, frustrated and sad.

This is the thing you see.  When I have a week of highs and lows like this, it makes me miss Rob and Mom even more.  They should be here to share in the events of my life.

There are other things on my mind as well, but it's complicated ....

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