Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snowy Saturday

It's early morning at the market. I've just arrived, and I'm very conscious of how much my wheelchair is forming a pool of melted snow around me. 

Ick!  I abhor and detest winter. It wouldn't be so bad if people shovelled their sidewalks properly, but (on the first day of a snowfall at least) I always feel like I'm taking a risk just deciding to go outside because of the high possibility that I may get stuck in the snow. It's not too bad if someone is with me; they help me get unstuck. But, I feel annoyed that this is almost what's expected of me - and people like me - that I need somebody shadowing me in difficult weather. Like most people, I revel I in my independence and enjoy a solitary journey- or the option of one. 

In closing I'd like to say, the only snow I like is John Snow -  when is Game of Thrones coming back anyway???

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