Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking Forward and Trying to Figure Things Out

After breakfast, and emails/texts/phone calls, and buying groceries, and adding more songs to my YouTube playlist, and finally deciding that my painting of Napoleon really was finished, I began to contemplate on what to do next.

I have to start painting a cat named Princess Eboli for one of my customers; that's number one on my  list.  However, I'm thinking about bigger things. I want to apply to the Riverdale Art Walk; the One of a Kind Show; and, the Artpreneur three month workshop.  God knows if any of my applications will be accepted, but I need to try.

And then, I logged onto Facebook and looked up some old friends from Germany.  When I have a chance I'll ask them for advice on where to stay in Berlin and what to see/do there.  I'm pretty sure I'll go to Berlin in August for my birthday.

I got distracted from messaging my friends, though, because I thought hey, I should look into getting into a new power wheelchair before I go on my trip.  I was kind of disappointed in the selection I saw on the internet. It's been six years since my last new wheelchair, and there haven't been any cool developments.  None of them can go 50 mph, or fly, or do time travel.

Jeez, engineers/manufactures, get on the ball!

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