Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Dream of the Living Dead

This morning, I woke up from one of my weird dreams.  It was fragmented and mostly starred dead people from my past:  Mom, Dad, Rob, and sort of Dandylion.  I say sort of  Dandylion because although he looked exactly like my dear departed cat, he was presented to me as a kitten in an open sandwich baggie.  Nathalie, who trained me fifteen years ago in how to be a conflict resolution worker, held the baggie with Dandylion Kitten in it, and fed him food from an eye dropper.  Nathalie could see how enamored I was of the cute little thing, so she asked me if I thought I could take care of him. I said, Yes, yes, of course I can!  And, I'll name him Red not Dandylion. Rob suddenly appeared and said, Of course we can take care of  him - he's been following me around for years! 

In another part of the dream, somehow a mall was attached to the old family house.  Mom, Dad, and Gran Abbott were there, in the mall section, and they said that they were happy to see me but they were really into listening to a lecture on golf.

I wandered away because I wasn't interested in golf.  Brittainy and I were looking at clothes when she suddenly squealed (she often does this when she gets excited about something) and said, Oh, Anne, you're going to love this dress!  The label is Anne Boleyn, and I think Judy Garland wore it in a movie with Cary Grant.

I was so perplexed by the reference that Judy Garland and Cary Grant had been in a movie together that I woke up. 

Sure, a kitten in a sandwich baggie seemed normal, as well as a mall attached to my old home.  My dead relatives more interested in golf than talking to me?  Plausible, I guess ....  Maybe they were preparing for a tournament or something.

But Judy Garland and Cary Grant had starred in a movie together?  Really?  I find that odd! I can't remember any movie that had both of them in it.

Cary Grant and Judy Holiday sure!  But Judy Garland? That's nuts!

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