Sunday, May 4, 2014

Changes at St. Lawrence Market

Nothing remains the same.  This fact is both good and bad, sometimes a combination of both.

I know in other entries I've talked about the changes to the St Lawrence Market, like doubling the rent for the vendors and insisting that vendors come in at 5 am. It is also insult to injury that the management of the market actually comes in at 5 am to take pictures of the empty stalls and hands out warning letters to vendors who aren't there yet.

Yesterday, one of the vendors named Sandi came over to tell me that she wouldn't be comming back anymore. The new regulations had been too much for her and she was going to try to sell her artwork online. Well, actually, Sandi wants to enlarge her online presence because she already has an Etsy shop.

(Check it out: )

I have mixed feelings about this situation. Sandi seems happy and excited about trying this new venture, and I'm happy for her and wish her all the best. However, Sandi has been there since I've been there and I'm going to miss her. I also feel infuriated at the management for pushing somebody like Sandi out.

One-of-a-kind art pieces is what the Market is all about! Also, chatting with customers and giving them a personal touch is another great thing about the Market experience. All of this may be eroding if the management keeps going the way it is. Like I've said before, some of the vendors think the management is trying to weed us out and turn the Market into a mall, or worse, a condo. If this is so, I'm sure the management will view it as "progress" - well, I say, "progress my ass!"

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