Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So Much to Do, to Say, to Think About Part 2

Well, I was going to talk more about the conversation I had last night with the woman from DPAC. I was going to talk about how we compared the terrible conditions for poor/disabld people in Britain to the terrible conditions for poor/disabled people in Canada.

Yes, well, this evening something happened to prove to me that the system sucks to the very core. My commode/shower chair had one of its wheels break off. As you can imagine I need this chair to take care of my daily needs.

Right away I called Motion Specialites and explained that it was an emergency, and I asked if someone could come out and fix it as soon as possible. They said that they would see what they could do. Three hours later I received an email saying nobody was able to either drive out to fix it or give me a loaner. They said the soonest they could come out would be Friday.

There was no tone of apology or even sympathy in the email, and this really made me angy. Couldn't they imagine how this would be for me without a means to go to the bathroom?

I know there's more pressing issues at hand, but not having a pot to piss in has to be up there!

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Ellen said...

Having the choice and control to go to the bathroom whenever we need to is a fundamental issue. Check out Penny Pepper and Sophie E Partridge's ironic piece on the closure of the Independent Living Fund called Parfum de Piss.