Monday, June 15, 2009

Dog Eat Dog at Woof Stock

So, this past Saturday was the Woof Stock festival at the St. Lawrence Market. I don't like Woof Stock. Yes, I love dogs, but the festival sucks, especially for vendors like me who stay inside because all the potential customers stay outside.

Well anyway, at 8:30 am while I was sitting and waiting for Laura to show up and assist me with selling my wares, this couple came by my cart. The man seemed genuinely interested in my art, and even said, "Wow!" However, his female companion very snobbily said, "Oh these artists at the St. Lawrence Market are a dime a dozen."

Bitch! Little did she know how close she was to having me chase her down and run her over! I wasn't in a great mood and I hadn't had my coffee yet.

Her comments stung me and still hurt to this day ... I'm thirsty - I need a drink of Whiskey to wipe out the memory. Or maybe a Corona, like Johnny Depp drinks (it says so in Vanity Fair). How could that woman say that about artists? With those few nasty words she disregarded all the hard work and struggle we go through. I don't know about her, but I stay up until maybe 2 or 3 am working on a painting. And, like other artists, I try to make my art as unique as possible. I mean, who ever heard of an artist like me? I paint with my index finger, and sure I paint dogs and cats, but I also paint the struggles people with disabilites go through.

Dime a dozen my ass! It's more like bastards are a dime a dozen. If I had the money I'd buy all the bastards and send them off to another planet.

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Monstrosity said...

Oh, Anne - snotty people like that are a dime a million. Whereas you are one in a million.

Don't let her get you down. She has no conception of what it takes to be an artist.