Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weird Dream

The other night I had this weird dream. I was climbing the side of a mountain, happy as a clam, free as a bird. And then, I happened to look down and saw that my dear cats, Hershey and Rascal, were following me up the mountain. They weren't mountain lions, though, nor did they have oposable thumbs, so they were having great trouble holding onto the ropes. Fearful that they might fall, I screamed for help! Immediately, right above me, I heard the calm, reassuring voice of my husband Rob: "Stop worrying, Anne. I got them, and you too. I won't let any of you fall!"

And then I woke up, happy in the knowledge that my dream was a reflection of my life with Rob. I knew that he loved me and would always be there for me.

Last Tuesday (January 6th), we celebrated our anniversary: 13 married, 21 together.

We started chatting to each other on a computer BBS (Bulletinboard System) just a little over 21 years ago. He was funny and sweet, and I liked him. He liked me too. We chatted online for hours and hours and hours.

I didn't tell Rob at first that I had a physical disability. I was afraid to because I thought he might feel different about me. Besides, I thought, I'll never meet this guy.

Of course I was wrong. Rob kept saying that he wanted to meet me, and, of course, the more I chatted with him the more I wanted to meet him too. So, I told him that I had CP, I was non-verbal and used a communication board, and that I used a power wheelchair to get around. He said he didn't care about any of that. He said he still liked me and still wanted to meet me.

We met at Magoo's icecream parlour at Scarborough Town Centre. My friend Louise and my mom came with me because they were concerned that Rob might be some weirdo or something.

Rob and I clicked immediately, and we fell in love soon after. Twenty-one years later, through good times and bad, we're still together and still in love.

Happy anniversary, Sweety!

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