Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yesterday was definitely better than today.

Yesterday I sold "A White Tulip in a Pink Vase" to a guy from Hong Kong. (His friend took a picture of us together with the painting, making me feel like a big-time celebrity!) And, I sold a hard cover copy of my new book "My Magic Finger: The Artwork of Anne K. Abbott" to my friend and sometime fellow St. Lawrence Market vendor, Helder. Yahoo!

Helder very kindly gave me several copies of "Good News Toronto"newspaper because he knew my business was featured within it this month. ( Thanks, Helder!

Today, however, has been somewhat... icky. First, Sarah came over to get me up, fed, dressed etc. Poor girl was drenched by the rain. I woke up having stomach trouble and took some medicine, which I thought was specifically for this type of ailment. It turned it out to be cold medicine and it made me drowsy and even more ill.

Sarah got me an Iced Cap, and I'm feeling better now. Like Popeye and spinach, Iced Caps seem to be able to revitalize me!

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bruce said...

Imagine if Helder's last name was Yahoo?

thanks for loaning me your t-shirt!