Saturday, July 26, 2008


Another day at the St. Lawrence Market has come and gone again. I'm exhausted. but happy! It was, indeed, a successful day!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this one customer in my last entry, but she's a very nice woman from Lebanon who ordered a painting of her grandfather's house from me a couple of years ago. Last week, she ordered 4 packs of cards from me (with her grandfather's house on them), and today she picked them up. She also bought my "Red Rose in Full Bloom" and "Rascal Houdi on Yellow Rug". Lebanon will love them, she said.

It kind of stung to let go of that painting of Rascal. He and Hershey are like my children, and I feel like I've sold one of Rascal's baby pictures to someone. However, I know its going to a good and loving home. Besides, Rascal is such a ham I'll be painting his cuteness soon enough!

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