Friday, July 11, 2008

Baaaaad Day

So, I've mentioned on several occasions within this blog that I'm using a loaner wheelchair from HME while they try to fix my chair. It's been 3 weeks now, and although I'm not comfortable in their chair (it hurts my neck, lower back, and left shoulder) and I'm unable to paint, I've been very patient (I've been in this situation hundreds of times!) and have been getting on with my life as best I can.

I kept myself busy by shopping for new shoes, selling my artwork at St. Lawrence Market, hanging out with my good friend Aaron at Tim Horton's, and going to Harbour Front with my mom.

Business-wise, I published 3 books of artwork. One is called "The Artwork of Anne K. Abbott", and another is called "My Magic Finger: The Artwork of Anne K. Abbott". The last one has no title and is, I'm afraid, no longer in print. Kodak lost the photos I put on their website. The whole layout, everything - gone! I'll never use them again!

Well, anyway, HME brought back my wheelchair yesterday. I didn't get to try it out then because I had to go early in the morning to sell my wares at St. Lawrence Market. Today, though, I sat in my own wheelchair, thrilled to bits, and then after driving about a foot, it stopped. It started again after awhile, and I decided to venture outside with Sarah to do some grocery shopping. We had only gone as far as the elevator, and then my chair stopped again. This time, though, it wouldn't start, and Sarah push me back to my apartment.

Once again, I'm in HME's loaner chair and I can already feel ill-effects from it on my back. HME took my chair again, and they said they'd "put a rush on it". Hopefully, this means they can fix it earlier than 3 weeks this time. Hopefully, it'll at least be ready for my trip to England on August 10th for my 50th birthday!

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