Saturday, October 6, 2018

Why I Haven’t Written in Awhile...

I’m sorry I haven’t written a post about what’s been happening in my life for awhile. I keep beating myself up for my negligence.

However, I’ve compiled a list of all the things that I’ve been doing which have prevented me from posting.  Here it is:

  • I went to England for my 60th birthday back in August with five friends. It was a blast! (Pictures will follow...)
  • One of my employees quit working with me in order to become an arborist. Another employee decided to lessen her workload so that she can go back to school and follow her dreams of becoming an EMS operator. Good for them, I say!  However, I then had to look for new people to work for me and then train them. Some people worked out and some didn’t. I think I’ve finally found some keepers now, though!
  • In recent months, I’ve been collaborating with two filmmakers in producing a documentary on my artwork and the story of my life. It’s extremely exciting!!!
  • Because part of my past as a young woman involved going to see male strippers, we recreated a scene for the documentary depicting that time in my life. We asked men from Remington’s strip club to be part of this venture. Interestingly enough, I became involved with one of the men. I’m not sure where it will go, but I’m having fun!
  • I’m trying my hand at writing an art grant. I’ve never done anything like this on my own before and the deadline is October 11th.  Yikes! Exciting,though, to try to broaden my artistic horizons....
  • Some time this month, I’m going to be collaborating with a group of people upon the production of a play. I’d say more, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to yet.
Life continues to be interesting!

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