Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trying to Figure People Out Part II

So ... I was going to write about Rob's fascination with Charlie and the Manson Family.  (Charlie Manson was to Rob what Henry VIII is to me -- an evil conundrum that was impossible to figure out!)

I was going to talk in depth about Spartacus (Brittainy and I are in the middle of the third season right now) and compare the Romans and their slaves/gladiators to modern day western society.  Then as now, people with power and position look distainfully upon the poor and disadvantaged.  Labels, such as Lazy and Scroungers, are unjustly marked upon our survivor bodies, while those with means drive expensive cars and live in castle-like condos.

However, what has truly been upsetting me for these past couple of weeks is the story my friend Sam told me.  I've been friends with Sam for years, ever since he and I attended Sunny View School as kids.

Sam has Cerebral Palsy, as I do.  Unlike me, he is able to verbalize speech and is more desterious. I mention these things in order to give some background to this story.

(To be continued ....)

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