Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, yes, I know, I haven't written daily as I promised in the subtitle of my blog. Well, sometimes life just gets in the way, you know.

For now, until I can get my act together and finish up all the work I accumulated while I was in New York, here's some poetry and a few pictures.


By Anne Abbott

They make me live in this little box.
Try as I may to turn the key, it never unlocks.
Inside it’s cramped and dark with no room to grow,
But within my heart hope flickers, and brightly does it glow.
I yearn to spread my wings, and, like a bird, soar!
But first I must find a way to open this caged door.
Through the bars I can see the lucky ones outside –
Upon their sleeves they wear their Rights and Freedoms with
such casualness
That it kills me inside!
They make me live in this little box.
Try as I may to twist the key, it never unlocks.
Each day the box seems to get smaller.
Hope still burns deep within me, but now I have to fight the
urge to scream and holler.
Those lucky ones from outside
Look at me and think I should be satisfied.
I have shelter, they say
And enough to live upon each day.
They don’t understand I want more from life.
They don’t understand my existence is full of strife.
I have so little choice,
And no one seem to listen to my voice.
They make me live in this little box.
Try as I may to rattle the key, it never unlocks.
Sometimes they open the door a crack,
But it always slams back.
Within those few seconds I can see what I need –
I see what I lack.
Disappointment, like a gloomy rain,
Happens to me over and over again.
And sometimes I wonder how much longer I can remain sane.
Still, I must keep my hopes and dreams alive.
It is the only way to survive!
They make me live in this little box.
Try as I may to force the key, it never unlocks.
One day I know the door will swing open and I shall be free.
And then, those lucky ones from the outside will see
That someone like me deserves some dignity.


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