Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Memories of New York

Hi, I've finally set aside some time to talk about my New York trip. Well, when it was happening to me I was thinking about talking about the not so great things. Suffice to say, Greyhound buses have a lot to learn about accessibility and not being abllist. And New York subways definitely have got to improve.

However, besides all that, Lenny and I had a fantastic time. We stayed in Brooklyn with Lenny's friends. We went out every night, not just with Lenny's friends, but with people from the conference aswell. And I found a new tasty treat, chocolate beer. I wonder if they have it here?

People in New York were fantastic. It was so funny when Lenny and I first got into town, I was having trouble getting up a curb, and this guy came up to me and started pushing my chair and saying., "would you like some help? Would you like some help?" Lenny and I were like, "no, no. Thank you, I'm fine." So the guy backed off and said, "oh...", and then a second later, "well fuck you then!." Lenny and I laughed are heads off for maybe ten minutes. What a welcome to New York!

Then there was another funny incident. I was eating gelato ice cream with Lenny and Jay when this guy in a wheelchair came up to us. He was wearing a crazy wig and carrying a portable radio. He sat in front of me and began to dance, so I also began to dance. It was so much fun! The he got one dollar from someone on the street, and he gave it to me. So in return I gave him a pack of cards.

One thing I found refreshing was that when we went into a restaurant or bar, the waiters would talk to me directly. And generally i found that people were more respectful to me than they seem in Toronto. I love New York. Oh yes, one other thing that is better in New York than in Toronto is that people with disabilities can choose who works for them to assist them with their daily needs. Here, if you get attendant services through an agency, you can't choose. And because of this fact, people are often abused repeatedly.

I don't mean to bash Toronto, I love Toronto. It will be my home forever. However, images keep dancing in my head of beautiful central park, stunning times square, massive empire state building -- and i yearn to go back again one day.

Well, that's all. I am back, Toronto.

Watch out!

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