Friday, April 5, 2024

Catching Up on What’s Been Happening

Yes, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. Shame on me for not writing as often as I should!  It’s just that 2024, so far, has been incredibly busy for me.  Good things… and not so good things have happening to me.

First, the City of Toronto asked me to give a speech to a group of social workers, recounting the experiences of my life. They all seemed to enjoy my talk  -  oh, yes, and they got to watch Feelings of Invisibility, too, which they loved!

The day before this happened, though, I was filmed in a new TV show, produced by the CBC, caller #thesqueakywheel  -  an amazing, hilarious new series, where all of the cast and crew have different types of disabilities.  Please watch it when it debuts in a couple of months time!

I still love to paint, and I keep getting more commissions for paintings.  However, because of snow and rain storms, I wasn’t able to go to the St Lawrence Market for two weeks.

The three not so good things that are happening in my life are:

1). My rent might triple because of a new City of Toronto law.
2)  My whole apartment was totally flooded last Saturday when I came home from the market.
3) Both of my feet and calves have been sore and swollen for over a month.  My doctor said that she thinks I might have a blood clot.  There are no hospitals accepting patients who need Doppler X-rays until April 23, though.

I am panic stricken.

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