Monday, July 17, 2023

Grading This Past Saturday

I’m tired and rather upset, so I’ll give you a brief grading of my experiences all day Saturday. I promise to give more detail later when I have the chance. 

A+ for St. Lawrence Market. My customers were so nice and friendly and respectful. Yay! 

B- The Waterfront Woman’s Awards were about 65% good and yet 35% frustrating and humiliating. On the good side I saw my cousin Vicky (well Robs cousin actually), the dinner was delicious, and I met a few people I liked. On the bad side, I had to deal with more people treating me like I was invisible. The staff would keep asking my PSW, “What would she like?” and things like that, and I would keep spelling out on my communication board, “Please talk to me directly!”. They also sat me way at the back so I couldn’t see anything. Sure, maybe I saw a few things, but when they started the auction and the fashion show I couldn’t see anything at all because people were standing up with their fucking phones, video taping the show! If I had been placed at a closer table, there would have been no problem! However, nobody thought about my perspective in this matter at all. 

F- My journey home. I should have taken a cab home with Cassandra, but I decided to wheel myself home instead. Ugh! The lighting was poor so I couldn’t see the sidewalk very well so I went onto the grass and I got stuck. Fortunately, a very nice couple helped me to get unstuck. A few minutes later, a van came inches away from hitting me. (What’s wrong with people?) When I did finally get home, I was soaking wet and exhausted.

By the way, I didn’t win an award. I didn’t care, though, I just wanted to have fun and feel included.


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