Friday, January 1, 2021

My Year of Hellish 2020 in Pictures

This has been the weirdest, most fucked up year that  I have ever known in my entire lifetime on earth.  There has been a global pandemic, apocalyptic forest fires, horrendous acts of brutal racism by cops and the "Proud Boys.", an impeachment which came to naught, a Belgium llama named Daisy who was supposed to have the cure for Covid-19 (what happened to her?!) and  a  plague of murder hornets that attempted to kill off our much needed bee population.  

I could go on and on about the horrible and ridiculous things that have happened in 2020, but, I'd rather show you how I've been dealing with it all instead.

After all, life goes on, even during the Apocalypse.

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Basmah Abdullah Zahid said...


More power to you girl, these artistic work is just looking damn eye-soothing & AWESOME - Just Like You!

Have you tried painting of leather jackets outfitslike fashion designers do before finalizing the sample in their factories