Wednesday, July 24, 2019

My Wonderful Friend Leon Marr

I just found out that my dear friend Leon Marr died the other night from complications of bone cancer.  Leon was one of my closest friends, and he always called me his best friend.  Every Saturday he would come to see me at the St. Lawrence Market.  And every week he’d drop by to say hi to me and the cats. When I was in the hospital with pneumonia, Leon visited me every day. We were friends for 16 years!

He loved old movies, cats, and more than an occasional toke.  If you look him up on IMDB, you’ll see that he was a filmmaker -  a brilliant one at that!

It would really make Leon and I happy if you checked out “Dancing in the Dark “ and “Second Time Around.”

Thank you.

Rest In Peace, my old friend....

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fred said...

Bizarre, I was just thinking i should write to leon. He was so consistent, he believed in life, he never gave up. He always visited when I was at the market.
RIP leon and i look forward to see what you make of where you are...