Saturday, April 30, 2016

So, Yesterday ...

I can paint again!

I called my dietician and told her I've switched to Isosource 1.5  (a new type of liquid feed for my G-tube) and had been on it for maybe four days. She sounded surprised and asked if she could come over to discuss the change. I said sure, come over after my appointment with Anita. 

So, after I was all loosened up from Anita's osteopathic treatment, Shavonne (the dietician) arrived and asked me how I was doing on the new feed. I said except for feeling a bit full i was feeling fine. She asked me how much I was taking and I said six containers a day, to which she laughed and said no wonder you feel full you are only supposed to be having 4 containers a day on the new Isosurce! And then we figured out that now I will be on feed for only four hours a day. Yahooooo!!! I can actually leave my apartment for longer periods of time and spend more time painting now. The new lift also helps allow me to paint too. 

I'm so happy!  I used to be on the feed for fourteen hours a day, then eight, and now four!

It's not total freedom but it's something.

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