Friday, September 12, 2008

Freaky Friday

What a day! We had water pouring down from the apartment above us into our toilet. (We've been complaining about this happening for years!) That was
just the beginning.

  • Rob's easy-chair broke. It has a HUGE hole in it!
  • I almost got run over by a car. The driver wasn't looking where he was going when he suddenly accelerated into the intersection, missing me only by a foot. The woman who sat next to the driver gave him a hefty smack, which made me smile.
  • And, sadly, I heard that my dear friend Aaron, who only recently found out he has cancer, just found out that he has more tumors in his bladder. Aaron's the sweetest, dearest guy - Where's the justice in that?! I keep thinking about him, worrying about him, hoping that he'll be all right.
I had one more trouble today, although it sounds pretty petty in comparison with the last thing I said ....

The wheel on my commode/shower chair is very dangerously close to coming off. As you can imagine, this chair is very important to my sanitary needs, so I was kind of in panic mode. I had Motria call HME (Home Medical Equipment) first to ask if they could either fix the wheel or give me a whole new chair.

Unfortunately, they told me that I should call ODSP first to get authorization from them before anything work could be done. So, Motria and I called ODSP, and Motria spoke for me. The woman at the ODSP office was impossible - and ignorant! She kept asking if she could speak to me, and Motria kept trying to explain that I was non-speaking, it was part of my disability. The woman still didn't get it and actually asked Motria, in a low, whispering voice, "Is she deaf and dumb?" Deaf and dumb? How offensive! And even more so when that woman is supposed to be working for people with disabilities.

I have more to say - a lot more - on the subject of ODSP and all the complications that arise when you try to get something important to you fixed or replaced. Unfortunately, I have to go to bed. I have to get up at 5:30 am to go to the St. Lawrence Market.

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